Unite with Tomorrowland Spain - Expertus Technology
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Unite with Tomorrowland Spain

Unite with Tomorrowland Spain

Expertus Technology – Unite with Tomorrowland Spain

Blanco y Negro Music, currently the owner of the electronic music festival Unite with Tomorrowland license in Spain, has signed a contract with Expertus Technology to manage ticketing for the event that will take place next July 29 at Parc Can Zam, in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

The festival has different organizational challenges that the BeTIX platform has helped to manage seamlessly. The promoter wants to avoid the tickets secondary market, reason why the access to the venue will be realized by means of the electronic reading of a personal and nontransferable bracelet. This bracelet will also allow contactless payment for food , beverages and merchandising in the venue. The tickets are nominal and the bracelets can be sent to the address if the attendant wishes.

Unite With Tomorrowland Spain marks a turning point in the company, as it is the first event that Expertus Technology manages alone.

This fact has allowed us to enjoy freedom in the organization of ticket sales, which we have been able to use to demonstrate all the distribution power of the BeTIX platform. Tickets are currently being sold through different distribution channels: Public, Tour Operational, Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and Hotels.

  • Hotel W Barcelona offers a lodging package plus entrance to the festival, and purchases its tickets from the platform thanks to the private access for Authorized Agents.
  • OTA’s like Festlane and Festicket have been integrated in the sale to be able to offer packs of travel and / or lodging and entrance.
  • Other distributors like Entradas de Vanguardia and El Corte Inglés also use our platform for ticketing.

In short, we have managed to build a unique ecosystem for tickets distribution in Spain, with different types of distributors, both business sector and nationality. Now tickets can be distributed around the world thanks to agreements reached with travel agencies, increasing the number of tickets sold considerably. Attendees come from European countries such as Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Portugal, and from the rest of the world, including Argentina, the United States and Mexico.

Do you want to attend the first edition of one of the best electronic music festivals in Southern Europe?

Buy your tickets here!

This is #Tomorrowland. Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever.