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Reservation and Ticket sales

From the general public to the big operators, a solution that adapts to each type of customer, a unique platform to manage your events and their distribution.

Access control

We integrate with your access control or provide innovative solutions to control attendance and exits of attendees. Validation by mobile devices by bar code or rf-id, totally safe and fast.

On-site payment

If you want to offer the possibility of payment on the premises our e-wallet solution, integrated with access control, will allow you to increase the spending per attendee from 20% to 40%. Attendees will be able to recharge their virtual wallet when buying the ticket or the same day of the event on the venue.


We know that organizing an event requires a lot of staff. We help you to manage the accreditations and control the access to the venue the days before, meanwhile or after the celebration of the show. VIP or Press badges are managed seamlessly integrated into the platform.

Support Staff

We select unique profiles for unique positions. Suitable profiles for each service and environment. We cover the full range of customer service and the organizer, from public assistance to on-site technical support.

Customer service and the organizer

Our qualified customer service staff guards the attendant and the organizer in any incident that may occur. In addition, we help you with the schedule and settlement of income, as well as the issuance of personalized invoices.

Your Benefits

  • Self-Service

    Totally administrable, brands, distribution rules, ticket design, attendant forms and payment means. Your business, your platform, your rules.

  • Conversion

    The simplicity and speed of the purchase process, combined with the sales accelerators, and the positioning of the brand near your target audience allow to increase the conversion. More visits, more sales.

  • Distribution

    Distribute through all channels, by internet or on premises, for general attendants or large distributors, with the brand most related to your target audience. Venue Premises: Box Office, Kiosk for sale and collect, Fast lane. Internet: General attendants’ website, call center sales, website for Authorized agents, website for groups

  • Satisfaction

    Divide the visit into time slots and avoid agglomerations, group types of public by hours or sectors, measure visiting times, make the most of your space while offering a quality experience. The more satisfied the visitor is, the easier it is to gain their trust.

  • Engagement

    Now that the visit or show is over, are you going to let the customer escape? Get on their mobile or tablet, inform them of your product or brand in his place of residence, make them come back and explain it.

  • Service

    Beyond ticket sales. Accompany the client with the audio guide of the museum in his mobile phone, make him live a unique experience with augmented reality in the visit to the monument, facilitate the spending with a contactless bracelet, approach him the possibility of requesting a memory of the experience or acquiring a Shirt from favorite team from their phone.