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Integral Solution


Expertus Technology has built BeTiX, a ticketing-oriented event management platform that allows any promoter, organizer or ticketing operator to easily and efficiently distribute tickets for both general public and large retailers by optimizing resources and costs.

It adapts to all types of venues and shows: museums, festivals, sporting events, theme parks and trade shows or exhibitions.

The high level of service is due to the adaptability that the product has to perform on the different scenarios, and to the service complements offered by Expertus in each of the event types.

We help our clients to position their product close to the target audience, we are close to them during the days prior to the event, and once it’s over we engage them for increasing the loyalty to the brand.

Because after the celebration of each event you learn something new, the dashboards will help you make the decisions that best fit your audience.

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Distribute through all the channels, by internet or on premises, for general public or large distributors, with the brand most related to your target audience.

Manage the 5 large blocks of ticket sales in one tool.

Access Control

Using Mobile Devices

Business Services

Authorized Agents

Advanced Sales

General Attendance

Sale On-Premises

Box Office, Totem, Fast Lane


Private Groups, Call Center

Know us


We are part of the Expertus group, which took its first steps in 1987, and since then has not stopped growing to serve the new needs of our customers: first was the auxiliary logistics, then the material for points of sale, hotel services … And, step by step, we have become one of the largest service groups in Spain.

Today we are a reality thanks to the trust, support and support offered by our clients, and we remain in the forefront thanks to the illusion and the spirit of service that characterize us.

More than 25 years of experience allow us to assert, without fear of being mistaken, that we offer top quality services to bring you efficiency and efficiency.

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In 2016 we have helped our clients to:

  • Sell more than 2 million tickets
  • Manage 2000 different shows
  • Receive traffic from more than 2.2 million unique visitors
  • Give a quality response to massive events, selling 20,000 tickets in an hour with a conversion rate higher than 30%
  • Manage 64 million euros in sales of tickets containing operating costs


Discover the advantages of our solution

If you need a reliable company, call us. We have a team of specialized professionals who will watch over your needs.